Maria Rojo sex in “Candy Stripe Nurses”

Name: Candy Stripe Nurses

Year: 1974

Director: Alan Holleb

Language: English

Country: United States

Duration: 76 min

Categories: Maria Rojo sex, 1974, United States, English, Alan Holleb, Candice Rialson, Maria Rojo, June Christopher, Don Keefer, Robin Mattson, Richard Gates, Kendrew Lascelles, Rod Haase, Roger Cruz, Softcore

Actress: Candice Rialson,Maria Rojo,June Christopher

Actors: Don Keefer,Robin Mattson,Richard Gates,Kendrew Lascelles,Rod Haase,Roger Cruz

A comedy following the exploits of three volunteer nurses, or ‘candy stripers’. Marisa, who has been ordered to do volunteer work as a punishment for assaulting her teacher, falls for a cute man who has been accused of knocking over a gas station, and does some investigating to try and clear his name. Sandy, on the other hand, has taken the job in order to be with her doctor boyfriend, but also takes up with a few of her handsomer patients as well before transferring to a sex clinic. Dianne, meanwhile, falls for a basketball player, whom she tries to talk into giving up medicine for good.

Nina Hartley in Pussy fucking 1990

Nina Hartley in Pussy fucking 1990

Name: The De Renzy Tapes

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1990

Duration: 145 min

Director: Alex DeRenzy

Categories: Pussy fucking 1990, Nina Hartley, 1990, United States, English, Alex DeRenzy, Nina Hartley, Shanna McCullough, Aja, Sharon Kane, Porsche Lynn, Tanya Fox, Renee Morgan, Dana Lynn, Lisa Bright, Eva Allen, Donna N., Peter North, Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Randy West, Billy Dee, Blake Palmer, Facial, Softcore, Black

Actress: Nina Hartley,Shanna McCullough,Aja,Sharon Kane,Porsche Lynn,Tanya Fox,Renee Morgan,Dana Lynn,Lisa Bright,Eva Allen,Donna N.

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Randy West,Billy Dee,Blake Palmer

From Porn’s grand master Alex De Renzy, comes this DVD, packed with the greatest names of Porn’s golden Era.Apart of that, this one’s packed with real good sexy-as-it-gets porn, which will make you wanna bust a nut.So take your time, watch it close, and Enjoy!

Tina Russell : Classic porn 1970

Tina Russell : Classic porn 1970

Name: Morning After

Duration: 75 min

Country: United States

Year: 1970

Director: Sidney Knight

Language: English

Actors: Dandy Thomas,Sammy Cole,David Marcus

Actress: Tina Russell,Suzan Thomas,Cathy Nellman,Lois Ester,Linda Shall

Categories: Classic porn 1970, Tina Russell, 1970, United States, English, Sidney Knight, Tina Russell, Suzan Thomas, Cathy Nellman, Lois Ester, Linda Shall, Dandy Thomas, Sammy Cole, David Marcus, Softcore

Vintage english porn : “Is There Sex After Marriage”

Name: Is There Sex After Marriage

Duration: 88 min


Year: 1972

Language: English

Country: United States

Categories: Vintage english porn, 1972, United States, English, Candy Samples, Sandy Dempsey, Softcore


Actress: Candy Samples,Sandy Dempsey

Richard Robinson is a classic case of a porn filmmaker who displayed enough talent to go mainstream but never got a break. Even Joe Sarno ended up making hundreds of films & videos without ever having a shot at the big time (unlike 20th Century-Fox giving his contemporary Russ Meyer a multi-picture deal). Such is the pigeon-holing fate of a pornographer.

Janet Banzet fuck : “Amazing Transplant”

Name: Amazing Transplant

Director: Doris Wishman

Duration: 71 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1975

Actress: Kim Pope,Janet Banzet,Suzzan Landau,Linda Southern,Sandy Eden,Olive Denneccio

Actors: Larry Hunter,Juan Fernandes,Bernard Marcel

Categories: Janet Banzet fuck, 1975, United States, English, Doris Wishman, Kim Pope, Janet Banzet, Suzzan Landau, Linda Southern, Sandy Eden, Olive Denneccio, Larry Hunter, Juan Fernandes, Bernard Marcel, Softcore

This barely lucid, nasty sex-mystery with galore bends the laws of logic so severely, a pretzel would seem linear in comparison. To put it simply, this is Doris Wishman’s penis transplant movie. When Arthur (Juan Fernandez, a sometimes Wishman cameraman) abruptly strangles his fiancee, detective Bill Barlen (Larry Hunter) investigates by interviewing an assortment of nubile young women from Arthur’s past. One by one, they recount their sexual escapades with amorous Artie as detective Bill stares at their laps.

Dorle Buchner in German vintage porn video

Dorle Buchner in German vintage porn video

Name: Waidmannsheil im Spitzenhoschen

Language: German

Country: Germany

Director: Jurgen Enz

Year: 1982

Duration: 82 min

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Actress: Dorle Buchner,Eleonore Melzer,Sandra Atia

Um sein Schlob nicht zu verlieren, geht ein bankrotter Graf auf den Vorschlag eines Madchens ein, dort eine Jagdschule zu errichten. Die ersten Kursteilnehmer sind jedoch vorrangig an Sex interessiert.

Mary McRea : Vintage softcore erotic

Mary McRea : Vintage softcore erotic

Name: Over 18… and Ready!

Director: Marland Proctor

Year: 1969

Duration: 66 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Categories: Vintage softcore erotic, Mary McRea, 1969, United States, English, Marland Proctor, Mary McRea, Sylvia Thorne, Michelle LeGrande, Larry Martinelli, Herb Henry, Gary M. Fox, Softcore

Actress: Mary McRea,Sylvia Thorne,Michelle LeGrande

Actors: Larry Martinelli,Herb Henry,Gary M. Fox

A teenage girl sets out to active fame in Hollywood as an actress, only a sleazy producer’s wife has other plans for her.

Juana Plaza movies : “Las Chicas Del Tanga”

Name: Las Chicas Del Tanga

Country: Spain

Year: 1987

Language: Spanish

Duration: 78 min

Director: Jesus Franco

Actors: Antonio Mayans,Jose Llamas,Muriel Montosse,Agustin Gil,Juan Soler,Ramon Rodriguez

Actress: Lina Romay,Analia Ivars,Flavia Hervas,Juana Plaza,Vanessa De la Morena

Categories: Juana Plaza movies, 1987, Spain, Spanish, Jesus Franco, Lina Romay, Analia Ivars, Flavia Hervas, Juana Plaza, Vanessa De la Morena, Antonio Mayans, Jose Llamas, Muriel Montosse, Agustin Gil, Juan Soler, Ramon Rodriguez, Softcore

Comedy summer dedicated to Benidorm Spain. 3 couples crazy making mischief, playboys, disappointment in love and touristy.

Isabel Sarli – Vintage porn 60s

Isabel Sarli - Vintage porn 60s

Name: Carne

Director: Armando Bo

Year: 1968

Duration: 89 min

Language: Spanish

Country: Argentina

Actors: Romualdo Quiroga,Victor Bo

Actress: Isabel Sarli

Categories: Vintage porn 60s, Isabel Sarli, 1968, Argentina, Spanish, Armando Bo, Isabel Sarli, Romualdo Quiroga, Victor Bo, Softcore

Delicia (Isabel Sarli) is a worker in a meat-packing factory where she becomes the girl of strangers. After she makes love to her boyfriend, she is gang by workers who use a bed of frozen cattle carcasses in the refrigerator for the site of their assault. Her lover, an idealistic artist who dabbles in paint, discovers theand exacts his revenge on the criminals in a fury of fist fights. The feature is plagued by ridiculous dialogue, particularly in one scene after the action as Delicia is approached by two men, and she asks "What are your intentions?"…

Lily Baron porn : “Viol, la grande peur”

Name: Viol, la grande peur

Duration: 92 min

Language: English

Director: Jack Teague

Country: Switzerland

Year: 1978

Actress: Brigitte Lahaie,Joelle Le Quement,Joan N’Guyen,Christine Morel,Monique Gerard,Lily Baron,Maria Catalard,Rika Dunkan

Actors: Olivier Mathot,Jean Tolzac,Pierre Taylou,Claude Boisson,Henri Lameyre,Henri Lambert,Serge Berry

Categories: Lily Baron porn, 1978, Switzerland, English, Jack Teague, Brigitte Lahaie, Joelle Le Quement, Joan N’Guyen, Christine Morel, Monique Gerard, Lily Baron, Maria Catalard, Rika Dunkan, Olivier Mathot, Jean Tolzac, Pierre Taylou, Claude Boisson, Henri Lameyre, Henri Lambert, Serge Berry, Softcore

A newspaper editor wants to sell more newspapers using sex as a way to attract more readers, and namely sex crimes. This 1970s porn movie features several stories of the women who became victims of sex crimes, and there are lots of explicit scenes. Especially impressive is the story with the gorgeous Brigitte Lahaie playing a medicine student who got in trouble while hitch-hiking. After two truckers used the girl for their pleasure she found a way to have her revenge on them. Provocative and controversial as it is, "Viol, la grande peur" rightfully belongs to the classic sex movies that everyone should see.

Pam Brown ass in “Ego Trip”

Name: Ego Trip


Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 58 min

Year: 1969

Actress: Pam Brown

Categories: Pam Brown ass, 1969, United States, English, Pam Brown, Softcore


Frank likes to talk about his manly conquests to his pal Jim. The more he talks, the more Jim is in awe, as the screen depicts Frank’s liaisons with a young tennis player, a hotsy he meets while pole-vaulting and a legendary. But Jim’s in for a surprise when Frank’s wife arrives!

English spanking classics : “Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 105”

Name: Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 105

Language: English


Country: United States

Year: 1969

Duration: 116 min

Categories: English spanking classics, 1969, United States, English, Softcore



More ’60s SOLO sin, as a pretty brunette spreads wide and says "Ahhhhh!"… A beaming brunette with generous handfuls hikes her psychedelic pants outfit… A cupcake-breasted, pixie brunette bathes with her red panties on.. And a raven-haired bosomy wench has fun with a banana. Then a tousled, busty brunette puts a scarf to imaginative use… A cute, pixie-haired, bosomy prom queen hikes her silver mini-dress – "Look, ma! No panties!" And an exotic, busty, bruised-lipped, round-hipped honey lolls and lounges… While a busty bouffant tousled brunette smiles and spreads! Next, a long-tressed brunette, pretty, with pretty handfuls, hikes her party dress for a fishnet panty hose pussy peek! There’s more: A big-hair brunette, bosomy in boots… A busty brunette humping an invisible friend… A pretty brunette probing herself knowingly by the fire… A pretty bosomy brunette makes use of sex toys… A stunningly cute blonde in dark nylons and pink garter belt glowingly servicing herself… And an icily attractive blonde in fishnet hose providing an eyeful, spread on a zebra spread!

Marsha Jordan actress : “Divorcees”

Name: Divorcees

Year: 1969

Language: English

Duration: 48 min

Country: United States

Director: Steven Apostolof

Categories: Marsha Jordan actress, 1969, United States, English, Steven Apostolof, Marsha Jordan, Liz Renay, Mary Bauer, Deborah Downey, Bill Amerson, Softcore

Actors: Bill Amerson

Actress: Marsha Jordan,Liz Renay,Mary Bauer,Deborah Downey