Beverly Rogers actress in “China Girl”

Name: China Girl

Duration: 89 min

Language: English

Director: Edwin Durrell

Country: United States

Year: 1974

Categories: Beverly Rogers actress, 1974, United States, English, Edwin Durrell, Annette Haven, Beverly Rogers, Sharon Thorpe, Pamela Yen, Susie Song Li, Summer Brown, Roahne Alexander, Janet Ross, Tammy Van Upp, Donna Chrisaphina, Mark Bolin, James Hong, Lou Ganapoler, Lee Williams, Tom Douglass, Bob Carr, Todd Jones, Tyler Baylis, Lesbian, Asian

Actors: Mark Bolin,James Hong,Lou Ganapoler,Lee Williams,Tom Douglass,Bob Carr,Todd Jones,Tyler Baylis

Actress: Annette Haven,Beverly Rogers,Sharon Thorpe,Pamela Yen,Susie Song Li,Summer Brown,Roahne Alexander,Janet Ross,Tammy Van Upp,Donna Chrisaphina

A sizzling 1975 romp starring the delicious Annette Haven as a sexy scientist who`s discovered a new formula that could help expand people`s memories. When a foreign government tries to steal the formula, Annette finds herself captured by enemy agents. Implementing their torturous techniques, they try to get Annette to reveal the formula to them, driving her mad with sheer pleasure instead of pain. Erotic espionage and a stellar cast add to this classic `70`s caper!