Cathy Menard – Vintage adult movies tubes 1980

Cathy Menard - Vintage adult movies tubes 1980

Name: Klito Bell

Director: Antonio D’Agostino

Language: Italian

Year: 1982

Country: Italy

Duration: 78 min

Actress: Cathy Menard,Guia Lauri Filzi,Nadine Roussial,Pauline Teutscher,Sabrina Mastrolorenzi,Sandy Samuel

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Actors: Mark Shannon,Giuseppe Curia,Paolo Gramignano,Riccardo Zamagni,Luigi Tripodi,Giuseppe Alotta

The Italian Batman porno, "Klito Bell", defies description… and lacks subtitles, so you don’t know exactly what the hell is going on, except that the men’s moaning is looped in the soundtrack, and there seems to be some sort of anti-American bent to the whole thing, but you can’t tell quite what it is. Really, the opening sequence, wherein Batman rides his bike through the Italian countryside, is all you need to see.

Classic lesbians porn : “Blue Voodoo”

Name: Blue Voodoo

Duration: 86 min

Country: United States

Director: Armand Weston

Year: 1983

Language: English

Actors: Joey Silvera,Jamie Gillis,Robert Bolla,David Morris,Wade Nichols

Actress: Vanessa Del Rio,Sharon Mitchell,Samantha Fox,Serena,Linda York,Heather Young,Jean Dalton,Simone Sinclair,Electra Blue,Camille Sands

Categories: Classic lesbians porn, 1983, United States, English, Armand Weston, Vanessa Del Rio, Sharon Mitchell, Samantha Fox, Serena, Linda York, Heather Young, Jean Dalton, Simone Sinclair, Electra Blue, Camille Sands, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, Robert Bolla, David Morris, Wade Nichols, Facial, Lesbian, Latin

A spurned woman uses voodoo to exact vengeance on the man she loved.

Tonisha Mills : Old and young lesbian vintage porn

Tonisha Mills : Old and young lesbian vintage porn

Name: Heartbreaker

Language: English

Year: 1991

Director: Rex Cabo

Duration: 59 min

Country: United States

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Actors: Sean Michaels,Jake Steed,Julian St. Jox,Ted Williams,Johnny Love

Actress: Tonisha Mills,Stephanie Adams,Lei Lani,Kylie Channel,Sexy Sade

Classic black porn stars – “Girl Toys”

Name: Girl Toys

Year: 1986

Director: Ned Morehead

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 71 min

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Actors: Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Jessie Eastern,Sunny Glick,Joel Holzman

Actress: Nina Hartley,Amber Lynn,Sharon Mitchell,Erica Boyer,Bunny Bleu,Gina Carrera,Nikki Randall

Tracey Adams : Classic 80s porn stars

Tracey Adams : Classic 80s porn stars

Name: Hands Off

Duration: 74 min

Country: United States

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Year: 1987

Language: English

Actors: John Leslie,Mike Horner,Rex Nemo

Categories: Classic 80s porn stars, Tracey Adams, 1987, United States, English, Anthony Spinelli, Tracey Adams, Keisha, Shanna McCullough, John Leslie, Mike Horner, Rex Nemo, Lesbian, Latin

Actress: Tracey Adams,Keisha,Shanna McCullough

Classic porn lesbians : “Kittens 1”

Name: Kittens 1

Year: 1990

Duration: 85 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Bruce Seven

Categories: Classic porn lesbians, 1990, United States, English, Bruce Seven, Bionca, Tianna, Sabrina Dawn, Heather Lere, Nikki Wilde, Lesbian


Actress: Bionca,Tianna,Sabrina Dawn,Heather Lere,Nikki Wilde

Bruce Seven takes his fascination with incredibly beautiful, young, supple, innocent, nubile little girls "kittens" and runs with it. Right to the bedroom. With Heather Lere, Honey Rose, Sabrina Dawn, Bianca and Tianna. All rolling around white furry sheets, climbing into every crevice, purring at every stroke and petting. And petting. Watch Bruce Seven turn Kittens into tigers.

Annette Haven : Vintage english porn

Annette Haven : Vintage english porn

Name: Ultimate Pleasure

Country: United States

Year: 1977

Director: Carlos Tobalina

Duration: 61 min

Language: English

Actress: Annette Haven,Candida Royalle,Sheba Silas,Sandy Pinney,Nina Fause,Vicky Lovelace,Yvonne Green,Iris Medina

Actors: John Holmes,Paul Thomas,Blair Harris,Ray Wells,Peter Bent,Dale Meador,Jim Brown,Lou Hanlon,Sean Brancato

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Hot group sex, an all-star cast, odd social commentary, and sex magic! A Las Vegas cab driver who is desperate to fuck his frigid wife hits the jackpot when a wounded fare leaves a suitcase of money in his cab. His wife visits a sex clinic where she daydreams of a five man cum bath with John Holmes and lesbian group sex, while the husband hires hooker Annette Haven and her two girlfriends to do a three girl show.

Keisha : 80s classic porn movies

Name: Girls Who Love Girls 14

Country: United States

Year: 1989

Duration: 56 min

Language: English


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Actress: Keisha,Erica Boyer,Krista Lane,Sharon Kane,Porsche Lynn,Stephanie Rage


Lesbian 69 vintage – “Shifting Gere”

Name: Shifting Gere

Country: United States

Director: Eduardo Dinero

Language: English

Year: 1990

Duration: 53 min

Actors: Tom Byron,Randy West,David Hell

Categories: Lesbian 69 vintage, 1990, United States, English, Eduardo Dinero, Ashlyn Gere, Jamie Leigh, Tiara, Devon Shire, Tom Byron, Randy West, David Hell, Facial, Anal, Bald, Lesbian

Actress: Ashlyn Gere,Jamie Leigh,Tiara,Devon Shire

Seka : Retro interracial xxx

Seka : Retro interracial xxx

Name: Blondes Have More Fun

Director: John Seeman

Country: United States

Duration: 88 min

Year: 1981

Language: English

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Actors: John Leslie,Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,John Seeman,Ken Scudder,Mark McIntire,Mick South,Gayano,Max Devo,Jesse Collins,Fable And Uno

Actress: Seka,Dorothy LeMay,Jesie St. James,Holly McCall,Lysa Thatcher,Cris Cassidy,Phaery I. Burd,Suzanne French,Lisa K. Loring,Diana Holt,Jayne Pagan,Amber Rae,Lynn Lucas,Anubodh,Anna Valco

When a sex-crazed scientist concocts a new aphrodisiac mixture, the stage is set for pure passion and freaky fun in this tantalizing treat from the early 80s. The potion not only drives women into an erotic frenzy, it also grows hair on bald heads and gives men an extra dose of potency. Even an old relax like John Leslie finds the potion unbeatable — one sip and he’s off to the local brothel to wear out each and every gal there! Jessie St. James takes a feel and instantly becomes a ravenous sex kitten, while Dorothy Lemay uses it to stop her man from peaking too soon. Tongue-in-cheek humor and wild action permeate the video, which is a fun-filled, action-packed reminder of the power of classic porn.

Rebecca Bardoux – Anal classic porn movies

Rebecca Bardoux - Anal classic porn movies

Name: Boodyguard

Year: 1993

Director: Lou Dee

Language: English

Duration: 148 min

Country: United States

Actors: Peter North,Zack Thomas,Shawn Ricks,Johnny Sailor

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Actress: Rebecca Bardoux,Nikki Sinn,Alex Jordan,Becky Sunshine,Sydney St. James

The ultimate cop on suspension for sexual indiscretions is reinstated in order to protect and serve the beautiful superstar Annie Lame-X from a group of crimerous assassins.

Tracey Adams – Vintage hairy lesbian porn

Name: Pure Sex

Year: 1988

Director: Perry Ross

Country: United States

Duration: 79 min

Language: English

Actress: Tracey Adams,Ona Z,Angela Baron,Hope

Actors: Tom Byron,John Leslie,Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Randy West,Jerry Butler,Randy Spears,Robert Bullock

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Tami White free porn : “Angel’s Revenge”

Name: Angel’s Revenge

Duration: 76 min

Country: United States

Director: Richard Mailer

Language: English

Year: 1985

Actress: Angel,Rachel Ryan,Tami White,Chanel Price,Patti Petite,Tammy Hart,Elaine Southern

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Actors: Hershel Savage,Harry Reems,Blake Palmer,Rick Savage

Vintage big black cock porn : “Plato’s The Movie”

Name: Plato’s The Movie

Director: Joe Sherman

Year: 1980

Language: English

Duration: 74 min

Country: United States

Actress: Seka,Lisa DeLeeuw,Evan Taylor,Tiffany Clark,Maria Tortuga,Tawny Pearl,Becky Savage,Rachael Livingston,Nicole Scent,Renee LaPaz,Alexi Hendiex

Actors: Randy West,Mike Ranger,John Stagliano,Bill Margold,R.J. Reynolds,Ken Yontz,Jack Shute,John Boland,Greg Michaels,Taurus

Categories: Vintage big black cock porn, 1980, United States, English, Joe Sherman, Seka, Lisa DeLeeuw, Evan Taylor, Tiffany Clark, Maria Tortuga, Tawny Pearl, Becky Savage, Rachael Livingston, Nicole Scent, Renee LaPaz, Alexi Hendiex, Randy West, Mike Ranger, John Stagliano, Bill Margold, R.J. Reynolds, Ken Yontz, Jack Shute, John Boland, Greg Michaels, Taurus, Fisting, Lesbian, Black, Latin

This classic film is filled with hot teens getting fucked! Sex filled orgies, blowjobs and facials make sure that all who watch will get their rocks off!