Donna N. xxx – “Love On The Hershe Highway”

Name: Love On The Hershe Highway

Year: 1989

Country: United States

Duration: 83 min

Director: Hal Freeman

Language: English

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Marc Wallace,Buck Adams,Ed Navarro,Larry Harwood,James Dean

Actress: Lynn LeMay,Donna N.,Scarlett Scharleau,Penny Lane

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Lots of down and dirty back door action highlights this incendiary collection. We get the ball rolling with Ron Jeremy, who introduces the video in his own inimitable style. Of course, the fact that he’s getting some oral service from Scarlett O might have something to do with his jolly attitude! They finish out the scene with some steamy anal spelunking, and then it’s on to a string of vivacious vignettes. Lynn LeMay shows off her wild side when confronted with a pair of hard-charging studs, delving into some delirious DP debauchery. Ravishing redhead Donna Anne gets her kicks in a sensual scorcher opposite little-known stud Larry Hardwood. Next, a trio of guys pick up Scarlett and Penny Lane in a garden setting and split off for fun. Penny gets in on some anal action from her man, while Scarlett really goes all out to please as she leaps into a blistering DP segment with the other two well-built studs. The finale once again features Lynn Lemay, who this time hooks up with Jason Dean in a frantic and fiery closer that builds to a shattering rear entry finish. The opening salvo of this high-octane series sets the tone early on and delivers nothing but energetic, no-holes-barred hardcore sizzle.

Rosemarie pornstar : “Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers”

Name: Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers


Duration: 66 min

Year: 1989

Language: English

Country: United States

Actress: Christy Canyon,Tracey Adams,Ginger Lynn,Amber Lynn,Sharon Mitchell,Shauna Grant,Stacey Donovan,Jeanna Fine,Bunny Bleu,Cara Lott,Mai Lin,Little Oral Annie,Porsche Lynn,Heather Wayne,Tamara Longley,Rhonda Jo Petty,Laurie Smith,Danielle,Viper,Misty Regan,Tanya Fox,Jessica Wylde,Linda Shaw,Elle Rio,Kelly Richards,Tami White,Stephanie Rage,Pamela Jennings,Rosemarie,Gina Valentino,Jennifer Noxt,Hope,Rikki Blake,Debbie Northrup,K.C. Valentine,Misty Dawn,Donna N.,Brezzy Lane,Charlie Waters,Amanda Tyler,Tara Blake,Connie Benet,Ashley Brooks,R. Torres,Ines Akker

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Tom Byron,Randy West,Marc Wallace,Eric Edwards,Kevin James,Jerry Butler,Buck Adams,Robert Bolla,Blake Palmer,Sasha Gabor,Craig Roberts,Ray Wells,Rick Cassidy,Randy Paul,Frank Brandt,John Rage,James Dean

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Sixty nine. A telling number, don’t you think? that’s the complete cast listing for this fascinating new video from Gourmet. A highly abridged sampling can be found above this review, and I’m sure you’ll agree there isn’t a bad apple in the bunch. Kudos to Ron Wasserman for assembling the results from the inexhaustible supply of way footage from the Gourmet vaults. Wacky World is a far cry form just another blooper reel —aside from the flubbed lines, failed erections, and impossible-to-maintain positions, this item also provides a (pardon the pun) penetrating look behind the scenes of the adult film business. Of particular interest are snippets where Ron Jeremy gets quite pissed when the cameras roll before his famous hard-on gets hard, and director Bobby Hollander scolds the cast for too much chatter and not enough obeying his commands. Herchel Savage imparts his philosophy of love to Misty Regan in between takes, not realizing his comments are captured on tape forever. A must see for hardcore fans!