Megan Leigh nude – “A Taste of Black”

Name: A Taste of Black

Duration: 75 min

Year: 1987

Director: Ron Jeremy

Language: English

Country: United States

Actress: Nina DePonca,Megan Leigh,Nikki Randall

Categories: Megan Leigh nude, 1987, United States, English, Ron Jeremy, Nina DePonca, Megan Leigh, Nikki Randall, F.M. Bradley, Robbie Dee

Actors: F.M. Bradley,Robbie Dee

Barbie Doll nude in “18 Candles”

Name: 18 Candles

Language: English


Year: 1989

Country: United States

Duration: 76 min

Categories: Barbie Doll nude, 1989, United States, English, Kassi Nova, Jade East, Barbie Doll, Bella Donna, Blake Palmer, Scott Irish, Steve Austin, Asian

Actors: Blake Palmer,Scott Irish,Steve Austin

Actress: Kassi Nova,Jade East,Barbie Doll,Bella Donna

Of the 5,000 or so adult features I’ve seen 18 Candles has the unique distinction of having no opening or closing credits, no cast or crew listings, no title, no video company logo, not even a "the end", Is there a message here? The wafer-thin plot, has Birthday girl Barbie Dahl laid up with a broken ankle being cheered up by friends. For the next hour we get various couplings with no rhyme o reason and two words of dialog – "oh yeah!" Besides saving on credits and a script, we’ve also saved on a continuity person, since names change from a drop of a hat. But if truth be told, all the ladies really throw themselves into sexual action with Bella Donna taking top honors. For that we must be grateful.