Classic porn interracial in “Serf of Pleasure”

Name: Serf of Pleasure

Duration: 83 min

Director: Warren Evans

Language: English

Year: 1978

Country: United States

Categories: Classic porn interracial, 1978, United States, English, Warren Evans, C.J. Laing, Beth Sheridan, Ursula Austin, Gloria Todd, Roseanne Farrow, Theodora Duncan, Jamie Gillis, Hershel Savage, Robert Bolla, Ashley Moore, David Ruby, Roger Caine, Russ Carlson, Michael Thorpe, Facial, Interracial, Anal, Double Penetration, Black

Actress: C.J. Laing,Beth Sheridan,Ursula Austin,Gloria Todd,Roseanne Farrow,Theodora Duncan

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Hershel Savage,Robert Bolla,Ashley Moore,David Ruby,Roger Caine,Russ Carlson,Michael Thorpe

Shaun Costello SERF OF PLEASURE is a good mix of decent mystery story, arousing sex, and some downright sleaze and S&M action. Thats a lot to balance in one film – but this one pulls it off well. Hardcore Private-Dick, Dan McCord, is hired by an adulterating husband whose jealous girlfriend enacted a scheme to get his wife took and sold to a white-serfery ring. McCord calls in a favor and gets the scoop from an old acquaintance, Lefty – who clues McCord in on a ring involving a woman named Sultana who secures product for serf-trader, Henri Picard. Turns out that the crew uses a governmentally produced stuff called UT-13 that seems to be a lot like the modern-day equivalent of Ecstasy, and makes victims horny and submissive, to control their cargo. The story follows McCord on his pursuit of information, and also along parallel lines documents for his clients wife at the hands (and cock) of Picard. We also see the devious girlfriend of McCords client punished severely for trying to renege on her end of the deal, in some decent and very real looking S&M, whipping, and humiliation action… SERF OF PLEASURE is the strongest of the McCord mysteries that Ive seen, as the sex is hot, the girls are hot, and the sleazy sexual torture at the end places this a little more firmly in the roughie ranks than the tamer entries. Jamie Gillis plays the soft-spoken but perverse and dominant role perfectly yet again and personally the film works on all levels to me. Not nearly as depraved as ENTRY or WATER POWER – but an all-around solid entry.

Classic porn interracial : “Last Sex Act”

Name: Last Sex Act

Director: Richard Mailer

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 54 min

Year: 1978

Actress: Robin Byrd,Erica Havens,Jenny Cole,Talia Smith

Categories: Classic porn interracial, 1978, United States, English, Richard Mailer, Robin Byrd, Erica Havens, Jenny Cole, Talia Smith, David Pierce, Aldo Ronson, Fred Fagen, Facial, Interracial, Anal

Actors: David Pierce,Aldo Ronson,Fred Fagen

Classic porn interracial : “Amber Aroused”

Name: Amber Aroused

Duration: 136 min

Director: Mark Davis

Country: United States

Year: 1985

Language: English

Categories: Classic porn interracial, 1985, United States, English, Mark Davis, Amber Lynn, Crystal Breeze, Pamela Jennings, Mindy Rae, Sheer Delight, Shaun Mason, Renee Tiffany, Tracy Duzit, Ron Jeremy, Hershel Savage, Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Jay Sterling, Sasha Gabor, Craig Roberts, Sunny Glick, Facial, Interracial, Black

Actress: Amber Lynn,Crystal Breeze,Pamela Jennings,Mindy Rae,Sheer Delight,Shaun Mason,Renee Tiffany,Tracy Duzit

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,Buck Adams,Jay Sterling,Sasha Gabor,Craig Roberts,Sunny Glick

Ahh … yes! Recharge my energy storage unit baby! Oops! Hi there, see that female human lifeform in the picture? That’s Amber and I’m woody, the non-human semi lifeform (I unlike being called a robot). Boy, does Amber like to have her biological procreation urges stimulated! My boss inventor Harvey Woodman hired her as a domestic, but before we knew it she was blowing everyone’s fuses. First it was Harvey and his wife Mag, then the kinky next door neighbor and then me! Wow, was I turned on! Amber is gone now. But I’ll tell you I really overloaded my circuits, the last time I saw Amber Aroused.

Classic porn interracial in “Eighteen And Horny”

Name: Eighteen And Horny


Duration: 49 min

Year: 1978

Country: United States

Language: English

Actors: Jack Teague,David Ruby

Actress: Marcia Minor,Erica Havens,Verna Quick,Gretchen Ray

Categories: Classic porn interracial, 1978, United States, English, Marcia Minor, Erica Havens, Verna Quick, Gretchen Ray, Jack Teague, David Ruby, Interracial, Black

Eighteen and Horny opens with balding, snaggle-toothed Dad putting the blocks to his wife while musing about his girl, Betsy. Although the wife has the breasts of a nineteen year old, Dad can’t help into Betsy’s room where, fortunately for him, Betsy relax with her mouth open… The next day, a rift erupts at Betsy’s birthday breakfast, and she packs her bags and runs away to the big city. There, she meets Chelsea, who offers her a place to stay. The crash pad turns out to be a gym where a wrestling instructor shows them some holds never seen on WCW. After a week of in-depth instruction, the girls are off to put on a private grappling exhibition for a fat cat who winds up pinning Betsy. Following an interlude of locker-room lesbianism, Betsy returns home where Dad tells her that Mom has had a nervous breakdown and is in the funny farm. Betsy reveals that she was awake when Pop porked her previously, and she shows him how much she liked it. But, in a shocking surprise ending…

Ona Z : Classic porn interracial

Ona Z : Classic porn interracial

Name: Cheeks

Language: English

Duration: 78 min

Year: 1988

Director: Derek Powers

Country: United States

Actress: Ona Z,Elle Rio,Tiffany Storm,Lauryl Canyon,Chanel Price,Sade

Actors: F.M. Bradley,Ed Navarro,Ray Victory,Frank James,Buddy Love,Jessie Eastern,Channel Price

Categories: Classic porn interracial, Ona Z, 1988, United States, English, Derek Powers, Ona Z, Elle Rio, Tiffany Storm, Lauryl Canyon, Chanel Price, Sade, F.M. Bradley, Ed Navarro, Ray Victory, Frank James, Buddy Love, Jessie Eastern, Channel Price, Facial, Interracial, Anal, Double Penetration, Black, Latin

Our leading couple, Laurel Canyon and Cole Fury, have just arrived at their vacation cabin by the lake. The cabin has a telescope that allows them to peek in on the lusty sexual retreat across the cove. Their eyes pop as they are introduced to backdoor sex while taking voyeuristic stimulation!

Classic porn interracial in “Period Of Attachment”

Name: Period Of Attachment

Year: 1979

Duration: 57 min

Country: United States


Language: English

Actors: Joey Silvera,Eric Edwards,John Black,Frank Marks

Actress: Clea Carson,Robin Byrd,Simone Sinclair,Lisa Heyman

Categories: Classic porn interracial, 1979, United States, English, Clea Carson, Robin Byrd, Simone Sinclair, Lisa Heyman, Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards, John Black, Frank Marks, Interracial, Anal, Lesbian, Black

In Period of Attachment, ERIC EDWARDS, sporting a Warren-Beatty-in-Shampoo-look, and his busty wife, LISA MARKS, feel left out of that "hip, happening, 70’s swinging scene." After a banging that’s as hot as Satan’s asshole, they decide to mutually see other people. ("See"? Don’t they mean "fuck"?) Highlights include: Eric having blue flame sex with a hot filly who turns out to be his friend’s wife (!) who recommended her to begin with (!!); Miss Marks eating a black dude’s chocolate mousse on a shag rug; and lesbian action with photographer ROBIN BYRD that delivers the goods in "Cuntachrome." Then a cute JOEY SILVERA and his gal pal read Forum Variations, looking for new deviate sexual roads. "How ’bout sticking a high heel up your ass?" she asks, "Suck my dick," is Joey’s reply. (Hey, can’t argue with logic!) Eric and his wife spy on the action as Joey gives the brunette a spanking before a spunking. Eric and his lady finally come of "bond"-age as well!

Payless Sue Shoe sex in “Life In The Fat Lane 3”

Name: Life In The Fat Lane 3

Duration: 80 min

Director: Loretta Sterling

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1993

Actors: Rod Garetto,Shane Hunter,Hans Mueller

Categories: Payless Sue Shoe sex, 1993, United States, English, Loretta Sterling, Chocolate, Cheri Swellz, Chocolate, Krysta Desire, Angel Hawk, Honey, Payless Sue Shoe, Honey, Rod Garetto, Shane Hunter, Hans Mueller, Black, Latin

Actress: Chocolate,Cheri Swellz,Chocolate,Krysta Desire,Angel Hawk,Honey,Payless Sue Shoe,Honey

Third instalment in the series. Small filesize – big women! (though they’re not quite as big as in the first two editions..