Christy Canyon in Classic 80 porn

Christy Canyon in Classic 80 porn

Name: Le Sex De Femme

Country: United States


Duration: 118 min

Year: 1989

Language: English


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Actress: Christy Canyon,Carol Cummings,Lee Caroll,Cheri Taylor

This steamy collection is a great pick for fans of lesbian lust and late 80s-style beauties. Some of the hottest talents of the era show up here, delving into all manner of girl-groping mayhem as they work one another into frothy frenzies. A great pick for anyone into the genre, with some truly tantalizing natural assets on display in each and every scene.

Classic anal fucking in “Story of Joanna”

Name: Story of Joanna

Language: English

Year: 1975

Duration: 83 min

Country: United States

Director: Gerard Damiano

Actress: Christy Canyon,Terri Hall,Juliet Graham

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Actors: Jamie Gillis,Zebedy Colt,John Bush,Steven Lark,John Koven,Roy Carlton

Director Gerard Damiano’s take-off on the French classic ‘The Story of O’ ranks among the best hardcore features of the 70s. Terri Hall stars as Joanna, a sexually naive beauty whose life takes a sensual turn when she meets debauched European aristocrat Jamie Gillis. Gillis brings her back to his gothic castle, where he puts her through a series of sexually-charged trials in order to prove her love. Terri Hall is perfect in the role, with a wide-eyed and expressive face that registers the proper amount of shock and sizzle as she’s led into Gillis’ misogynistic and depraved world. As Terri is led further and further into Gillis’ wanton web, she experiences lust and pleasure as she never has before. Whether at the hands of an unknown man, in a romantic rendezvous with Gillis’ bisexual manservant Zebedy Colt, or engaged in a bondage-laced tryst with Gillis himself, Terri Hall finds herself in the throes of a sensual spell from which there is no escape. While the film can be a bit rough at times, there’s no denying the care and passion that went into its making. All of the actors are superb, the sets are magnificently atmospheric, and the plot contains its fair share of twists and turns. A great pick for anyone into B & D style sex or male-dominant mayhem.

Christy Canyon – Vintage english porn

Christy Canyon - Vintage english porn

Name: Oral Addiction

Language: English

Director: Ralph Parfait

Country: United States

Duration: 129 min

Year: 1995

Actors: Henri Pachard,Alex Sanders,Mark Davis,Anthony Spinelli,Michael Knight,Ian Daniels,Bret Singer,Ralph Parfait,David Stanley

Actress: Christy Canyon,Jessica James,Jamie Leigh,Kirsty Waay,Sid Deuce,Petra

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Oral addiction comes one mouthful at a time.