Candy Samples sex – “Golden Age Of Porn: Candy Samples”

Name: Golden Age Of Porn: Candy Samples


Country: United States


Duration: 52 min

Language: English

Categories: Candy Samples sex, United States, English, Candy Samples, John Holmes, Mike Horner, Hershel Savage

Actors: John Holmes,Mike Horner,Hershel Savage

Actress: Candy Samples

Candy Samples was a big tit legend! With her mamorific 46 JJJ bazoombas! She could also fuck like the dickens!!

70s vintage porn – “Female Chauvinists”

Name: Female Chauvinists

Director: Jay Jackson

Year: 1974

Language: English

Duration: 82 min

Country: United States

Actress: Candy Samples,Uschi Digard,Roxanne Brewer,Eve Orlon,Linda York,Debbie McGuire

Actors: Rick Dillon

Categories: 70s vintage porn, 1974, United States, English, Jay Jackson, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Roxanne Brewer, Eve Orlon, Linda York, Debbie McGuire, Rick Dillon, Black

This sex comedy is filled with lesbian and/or outdoor sex scenes.Big busty models of the past Uschi Digard, Candy Samples and Roxanne Brewer show their ample wares. The movie starts off with Roxanne(a redhead with an impossible bust) and her boyfriend hard at it, when their flatmate turns up.Roxanne Brewer goes “undercover” to help expose the group . Her boyfriend poses as a mute gardener and a photographer friend around.UschiDigart has a dream about a sperm bank and token black Deborah McGuire masturbates with a Dr. Pepper flask.They plan for Roxanne to join an all Girls against Males sect, where most of the girls are big and busty. The highlight of the film is Roxanne riding a horse topless chasing her Boyfriend.There are plenty of laughs and plenty of big busty topless action. Other than doing some adult loops, Roxanne also did a few other cheap "D" Grade movies but this is far and away her best feature.

Vintage english porn : “Is There Sex After Marriage”

Name: Is There Sex After Marriage

Duration: 88 min


Year: 1972

Language: English

Country: United States

Categories: Vintage english porn, 1972, United States, English, Candy Samples, Sandy Dempsey, Softcore


Actress: Candy Samples,Sandy Dempsey

Richard Robinson is a classic case of a porn filmmaker who displayed enough talent to go mainstream but never got a break. Even Joe Sarno ended up making hundreds of films & videos without ever having a shot at the big time (unlike 20th Century-Fox giving his contemporary Russ Meyer a multi-picture deal). Such is the pigeon-holing fate of a pornographer.