Amber Lynn – Classic french porn movies

Amber Lynn - Classic french porn movies

Name: Black Silk Sec-rets

Duration: 88 min

Country: United States


Year: 1987

Language: French

Actress: Amber Lynn,Janey Robbins,Mai Lin,Porsche Lynn,Sheri St. Clair,Tamara Longley,Patricia Manning,Gina Valentino

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Actors: Paul Thomas,Randy West,Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,Buck Adams,Scott Irish,Randy Paul

Classic black porn stars – “Girl Toys”

Name: Girl Toys

Year: 1986

Director: Ned Morehead

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 71 min

Categories: Classic black porn stars, 1986, United States, English, Ned Morehead, Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Erica Boyer, Bunny Bleu, Gina Carrera, Nikki Randall, Billy Dee, Jerry Butler, Jessie Eastern, Sunny Glick, Joel Holzman, Facial, Lesbian, Black

Actors: Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Jessie Eastern,Sunny Glick,Joel Holzman

Actress: Nina Hartley,Amber Lynn,Sharon Mitchell,Erica Boyer,Bunny Bleu,Gina Carrera,Nikki Randall

Amber Lynn in Black vintage porn tube

Amber Lynn in Black vintage porn tube

Name: Bootsie

Director: Jack Remy

Year: 1985

Country: United States

Duration: 87 min

Language: English

Actress: Amber Lynn,Taija Rae,Lois Ayers,Melissa Melendez,Gabriella

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Actors: Hershel Savage,Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Buck Adams,Ray Michaels

Poor Eddie Curran (Jerry Butler) is having a hard time finding work as an actor. Then, one day, while working on the set of a popular "soap-opera," Eddie learns of a new role opening up. The only catch is the fact that the part calls for a female judge. No problem. Eddie simply dons female attire and becomes "Bootsie." Eddie’s roommate, Jer (Buck Adams) learns that Eddie just might have hit upon the best way to get laid as both admiring fans and actresses follow Eddie all over town in an effort to "get it on!" Soon "Bootsie" is known nationwide as fans tune in to "her" unique approach to femininity. "Bootsie" manages to change the viewers’ sex lives too, and everything is going fine until "she" fails in love with the beautiful Juliette (Sondra Stillman), and wants to throw off the facade. Too late, he finds her in the arms of Leo (Hershel Savage), the leading man. Leo is a rat, but "Bootsie" does him in. "Bootsie" wants Juliette to see him for what he really is, but all she wants is some easy lust. You’ll have to take this tape home to find out what happens when "Bootsie" finally exposes himself as having more than what it takes to satisfy a lusty female like Juliette!

Ginger Lynn in Classic porn 80

Name: Talk Dirty to Me 3

Year: 1984

Director: Ned Morehead

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 67 min

Categories: Classic porn 80, Ginger Lynn, 1984, United States, English, Ned Morehead, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Lisa DeLeeuw, Raven, Colleen Brennan, Debi Diamond, Crystal Breeze, Bunny Bleu, Donna Marie, Laurie Smith, Susan Hart, Rikki Blake, Peter North, Tom Byron, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallace, Max Thayer, Facial

Actress: Ginger Lynn,Amber Lynn,Lisa DeLeeuw,Raven,Colleen Brennan,Debi Diamond,Crystal Breeze,Bunny Bleu,Donna Marie,Laurie Smith,Susan Hart,Rikki Blake

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,John Leslie,Jamie Gillis,Marc Wallace,Max Thayer

A young mermaid surfaces at a California nudist camp to set her sights on having sex with a man of the opposite sex.

Classic 80s porn videos – “Passionate Heiress”

Name: Passionate Heiress

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1987

Duration: 83 min

Director: Jerome Bronson

Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,John Leslie,Joey Silvera,Billy Dee,Frank James

Categories: Classic 80s porn videos, 1987, United States, English, Jerome Bronson, Amber Lynn, Shanna McCullough, Jacqueline Lorains, Jamie Summers, Elle Rio, Peter North, Tom Byron, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Billy Dee, Frank James, Facial, Interracial, Swallow, Black, Latin

Actress: Amber Lynn,Shanna McCullough,Jacqueline Lorains,Jamie Summers,Elle Rio

Like vultures hovering over their next meal, the friends and relatives of the "late" John Leslie gather for the reading of his last will and testament. Actually, it’s a video which features vignettes of sexual infidelitiesby family members and associates. The result is a shot-on-video feature that is slow on story but loaded with sex. All couplings are good (lusty action by Amber Lynn and Peter North, Elie Rio and Tom Byron, Jacqueline Lorians and Joey Silvera, Lorians and Billy Dee, Lorians and North), and feature some kink (North shoots in a champagne glass before Lorians feels from it: Frank James comes on a tray of finger sandwiches from which Shanna McCullough nibbles) and some love (Leslie and Summers in a moment of vulnerability). Summers is eventually named heiress to the Leslie fortune, sending everyone else into a jealous rage, and Summers leaves to unite with her lover. The ending has a twist that I won’t spoil here. Director Jerome Bronguy does well with writer Will Kelly’s script. But there are too many lives to cover here. Less people and more dialogue would have made the first part of this tape move faster. As it stands, the sex carries the feature up until the reading of the will. With a weaker cast this might not have worked. But everyone (especially Byron and McCullough) really perform well.

Amber Lynn – Retro usa porn

Amber Lynn - Retro usa porn

Name: Miami Spice

Country: United States

Duration: 134 min

Director: Svetlana

Language: English

Year: 1986

Actress: Amber Lynn,Candie Evens,Barbara Dare,Blondie Bee,Porsche Lynn,Sheri St. Clair,Danielle,Barbii

Actors: Randy West,Eric Edwards,Robert Bullock,Tony Montana,Chuck Martin,Paul Barresi,Mike DeMarco

Categories: Retro usa porn, Amber Lynn, 1986, United States, English, Svetlana, Amber Lynn, Candie Evens, Barbara Dare, Blondie Bee, Porsche Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Danielle, Barbii, Randy West, Eric Edwards, Robert Bullock, Tony Montana, Chuck Martin, Paul Barresi, Mike DeMarco, Facial, Latin

Sexy female police detectives go undercover (and under covers) to bust some dirty coke dealers.

Classic porn 80 : “Some Kind Of Woman”

Name: Some Kind Of Woman

Director: Jack Williams

Year: 1985

Duration: 129 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Actors: Paul Thomas,Hershel Savage,Harry Reems,Jon Martin

Actress: Ginger Lynn,Amber Lynn,Colleen Brennan,JoAnna Storm,Heather Wayne

Categories: Classic porn 80, 1985, United States, English, Jack Williams, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Colleen Brennan, JoAnna Storm, Heather Wayne, Paul Thomas, Hershel Savage, Harry Reems, Jon Martin, Facial

Ginger Lynn has always been come kind of woman. Now she proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt in the most scintillating sex show ever. SOME KIND OF WOMAN is all about the business of show business… the TV talk show hosts who dare it all, the guests who bare it all… the producers who screw them all… the commercials that are off the wall… and the audiences that have a ball watching some of the greatest adult performers doing it all. Amber Lynn is the small town pick-up from the sticks… Colleen Brennan is the wife who likes to get her licks… Joanna Storm is the actress who lives for kicks… while director Heather Wayne has a thing for dicks (private, that is!). Along with the men with the biggest sticks, you’ll find SOME KIND OF WOMAN, some kind of movie.

Vintage 80th – “Dickman and Throbbin”

Name: Dickman and Throbbin

Year: 1986

Country: United States

Director: Jerome Tanner

Duration: 86 min

Language: English

Actress: Amber Lynn,JoAnna Storm,Jessica Wylde,Patricia Manning,Kelly Richards,Kari Foxx,Regine Bardot

Categories: Vintage 80th, 1986, United States, English, Jerome Tanner, Amber Lynn, JoAnna Storm, Jessica Wylde, Patricia Manning, Kelly Richards, Kari Foxx, Regine Bardot, John Holmes, Peter North, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Steve Drake, Facial, Anal, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Asian

Actors: John Holmes,Peter North,Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Steve Drake

A classic parody from 1986, John Holmes and Tom Byron play Dickman and Throbbin. Together they are a duo of superheroes known as SEXOCRISTS that turn frigid women into sex-craving whores. This film is all about campy, corny fun just like the old "Batman" TV show that it parodies but with steamy sex scenes from some of adult films biggest performers – John Holmes, Amber Lynn, Tom Byron, Joanna Storm and Peter North. It all leads up to Dickman and Throbbin deflowering supermodel Brook Fields played by a young and vivacious Amber Lynn. This is a classic parody of comical proportions you don’t want to miss.