Christy Canyon naked : “Flesh and Ecstasy”

Name: Flesh and Ecstasy

Director: Jack Remy

Language: English

Country: United States

Year: 1985

Duration: 102 min

Actors: Tom Byron,Eric Edwards,Robert Bolla,Dan T Mann,Nick Niter

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Actress: Christy Canyon,Colleen Brennan,Kimberly Carson,Heather Wayne,Nicole West,Lisa Lake

Gangsters take three rich school girls, but when they try to collect the ransom, they discover that it is next to impossible to contact any of their parents. The story is surprisingly comic and fresh.

Tonisha Mills : Old and young lesbian vintage porn

Tonisha Mills : Old and young lesbian vintage porn

Name: Heartbreaker

Language: English

Year: 1991

Director: Rex Cabo

Duration: 59 min

Country: United States

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Actors: Sean Michaels,Jake Steed,Julian St. Jox,Ted Williams,Johnny Love

Actress: Tonisha Mills,Stephanie Adams,Lei Lani,Kylie Channel,Sexy Sade

Vintage porn 1970 – “Relaxy Head”

Name: Relaxy Head

Duration: 93 min

Language: English

Year: 1973

Country: United States

Director: Joe Sarno

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Levi Richards,Jason Russell,Davey Jones

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Actress: Georgina Spelvin,Tina Russell,Darby Lloyd Rains,Judith Hamilton

A womans subconscious sexual desires are released in this seething film starring The De-vil In Miss Jones girl, Georgina Spelvin. Georgina stars with the top porn star, Tina Russel, as two girls, one breaking free of a parochial upbringing, the other, on the threshold of a terrifying, yet revealing sexual experience. Georgina, freed of her inhibitions by the attention of many friends, is in fear of the upcoming visit of her prudish girl. With the help of her sex partners, she develops a plan to release her girl of her inhibitions. This scene of sexual fulfillment is a torrid orgy unmatched by anything youve seen before! This movie combines some of the most erotic sex scenes ever produced, with the deepest sexual fantasies. The combined performance of Georgina Spelvin and Tina Russel is not to be missed!

Amber Lynn – Classic french porn movies

Amber Lynn - Classic french porn movies

Name: Black Silk Sec-rets

Duration: 88 min

Country: United States


Year: 1987

Language: French

Actress: Amber Lynn,Janey Robbins,Mai Lin,Porsche Lynn,Sheri St. Clair,Tamara Longley,Patricia Manning,Gina Valentino

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Actors: Paul Thomas,Randy West,Marc Wallace,Steve Drake,Buck Adams,Scott Irish,Randy Paul

Classic black porn stars – “Girl Toys”

Name: Girl Toys

Year: 1986

Director: Ned Morehead

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 71 min

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Actors: Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Jessie Eastern,Sunny Glick,Joel Holzman

Actress: Nina Hartley,Amber Lynn,Sharon Mitchell,Erica Boyer,Bunny Bleu,Gina Carrera,Nikki Randall

Fallon – Vintage 1980s porn

Name: Squirt Bunny

Language: English

Duration: 76 min

Year: 1989

Country: United States

Director: Jamie Matthews

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Actress: Fallon,Arcie Miller,Jessica Bogart,Elise

Actors: Tony Montana,Dan Cooper

Fallon (as Tommie the squirt) is at it again. A wonderful ski trip with her friends turns into a wall-to-wall sexual romp. The weekend quickly becomes a free-for-all where ‘going down’ does not necessarily refer to activities on the slopes!

Classic porn interracial in “Serf of Pleasure”

Name: Serf of Pleasure

Duration: 83 min

Director: Warren Evans

Language: English

Year: 1978

Country: United States

Categories: Classic porn interracial, 1978, United States, English, Warren Evans, C.J. Laing, Beth Sheridan, Ursula Austin, Gloria Todd, Roseanne Farrow, Theodora Duncan, Jamie Gillis, Hershel Savage, Robert Bolla, Ashley Moore, David Ruby, Roger Caine, Russ Carlson, Michael Thorpe, Facial, Interracial, Anal, Double Penetration, Black

Actress: C.J. Laing,Beth Sheridan,Ursula Austin,Gloria Todd,Roseanne Farrow,Theodora Duncan

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Hershel Savage,Robert Bolla,Ashley Moore,David Ruby,Roger Caine,Russ Carlson,Michael Thorpe

Shaun Costello SERF OF PLEASURE is a good mix of decent mystery story, arousing sex, and some downright sleaze and S&M action. Thats a lot to balance in one film – but this one pulls it off well. Hardcore Private-Dick, Dan McCord, is hired by an adulterating husband whose jealous girlfriend enacted a scheme to get his wife took and sold to a white-serfery ring. McCord calls in a favor and gets the scoop from an old acquaintance, Lefty – who clues McCord in on a ring involving a woman named Sultana who secures product for serf-trader, Henri Picard. Turns out that the crew uses a governmentally produced stuff called UT-13 that seems to be a lot like the modern-day equivalent of Ecstasy, and makes victims horny and submissive, to control their cargo. The story follows McCord on his pursuit of information, and also along parallel lines documents for his clients wife at the hands (and cock) of Picard. We also see the devious girlfriend of McCords client punished severely for trying to renege on her end of the deal, in some decent and very real looking S&M, whipping, and humiliation action… SERF OF PLEASURE is the strongest of the McCord mysteries that Ive seen, as the sex is hot, the girls are hot, and the sleazy sexual torture at the end places this a little more firmly in the roughie ranks than the tamer entries. Jamie Gillis plays the soft-spoken but perverse and dominant role perfectly yet again and personally the film works on all levels to me. Not nearly as depraved as ENTRY or WATER POWER – but an all-around solid entry.